Welcome to the Holistic Nature Lounge for Dogs

I love and respect dogs ! This love has grown more and more. I am a breeder and owner and have deepened my knowledge more and more. Our world is becoming more and more complex; the dog has to function and adapt quickly. This is not always possible without help!

Advice, knowledge and information right from the start can have a lot of positive effects and avoid many problems. The problems can often be seen later when the dog is already a teenager. He can still compensate for the deficits from earlier...

Movement Therapy

° Outdoor
° Indoor 

Signature  Yin & Yang  Massage with Tui- Na Elements 

Balancing the Yin and Yang  frees the flow of Qi in the meridians. Blockages in the meridian circulation are released. 

Puppy Coaching 

We love the puppies! They are so  sweet and so cute, but what do we do when they turn into little bullies?
We train the puppies to better understand everyday situations, to respect their environment and advise the owners to create a better synergy.

Happy dog means happy life :-) 

Dog Nutrition

Everything about the right nutrition for dogs

How do I feed my dog ​​properly?
What do dogs like to eat?
What should dogs eat?
The right food for your dog.
How does an optimal diet change work?
When and how often should I feed my dog?

Behavior Therapy / Communication

If nervousness, fear or aggression impairs the quality of life of dog and owner it is time for an individual consultation!
We help you to understand the dogs  and to interpret the body signals .

Do you want to become a breeder? Would you like to exhibit? May I help you? Make an appointment for breeding or show advice!