Holistic for you 

Carpe Diem 


We do not offer standard solutions because we know that every customer is different. That is why we develop individual and unique solutions in close consultation with our customers. Take a look around our website and find out more about what we have to offer. If you have any questions feel free to contact us.

Yin & Yang Massage 

is a energetic massage that brings our important life energy back into balance.

60 min. .... 100,- CAD
90 min. .... 150,- CAD

Ocean Massage

is a slow ritual movemen; has a very calming effect.

60 min. .... 100,- CAD
90 min. .... 150,- CAD

Wellbeing Massage

is made  with essential oils to achieve more relaxations. 

60 min. ... 100,- CAD
90 min. ... 150,- CAD

Asia Foot Massage 

is a massage that revitalizes tired and stressed feet & legs. 

30 min. ....  60,- CAD
90 min. .... 120,- CAD

Signature Holistic Massage

90 min. .... 160,- CAD

Holistic Nature Lounge Etiquette 

 In order to collect some important information from you we kindly ask you to arrive at the  reception 10 minutes before your treatment. 
 Please inform us of any health problems, allergies or injuries that may affect your stay or treatment. 
We kindly ask that you cancel no less than 24 hours before your appointment.